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Our Pricing Philosophy

At Southern Valley Homes, our pricing is not only extremely competitive, it's also simple and straightforward. Much different from most new construction, we price our homes comprehensively and out-the-door, eliminating the guesswork as to what's included and what you're paying for. We don't believe in things like upgrade fees or packaged options - simply put, you pick what you want, how you want it, and we'll give you the best possible price for your home and your selections. 

While our pricing is truly unique and specific to each individual customer's needs, we understand that you need a point of reference in order to make an educated comparison with other new and resale homes. Not to worry! What we've done is create two price "tiers"  - our Base price tier is essentially the lowest we can price a particular floor plan, while our Upgraded price tier has selections and inclusions commensurate with what you see in our Model Center.


Please see our Pricing & Home Inclusions below for details. No hidden costs, no nonsense - just straightforward, transparent pricing that you deserve while shopping for your new home. This is just one of the things that separates Southern Valley Homes from the competition. Stop by our Model Center for a well needed breath of fresh air in your home search to see for yourself! 

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SVH Home inclusions 2022 v2.png
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